My mind was buzzing with anxiety fueled by fear and panic as I sat in front of Frau Gminski, CPE, for the first time. What happened next turned out to become a critical piece of the puzzle in re-assembling “me” into a happy human being. As I sat pondering my answer to Frau Gminski's question inquiring about my desires from her services, little did I realize I was about to have one of the best experiences of my life.

This review goes beyond Frau Gminski's capability as an Electrologist. Without doubt, she posses above and beyond requisites skills, knowledge, technique and method to successfully remove facial follicles with safety and effectiveness as outlined by my “ counselor ” (Thanks Dr B). Physically, Frau Gminski will deliver the desired results. The most important aspect of my comments to you, the potential client, are related on how she deals with the most difficult part of hair removal, the anxiety of the trans-gender challenge.

First, I must acknowledge and give credit to my discovery of Iris Gminski to my Doctor. I will call him Dr B. Without Dr B, I would have never gained the knowledge and patience to hunt for the right Electrologist to solve the difficult task of facial hair removal. Many thanks to Dr B for his unparalleled depth of experience, knowledge and skill dealing with trans-gendered people. Dr B and, Iris Gminski, although they themselves have never met, form my transition (to “me”) team and together they are helping “me” start “my” life. Their interaction with me is complementary and meaningful.

Before I continue writing this review, let me emphasize, a critical point, before ever considering any physical modification to your body, consult with a doctor knowledgeable and experienced with respect to trans-gendered people. Transsexualism is a natural phenomenon in humans often misunderstood by the trans-gendered people, the medical community, and most professional organizations. Frau Gminski can be your Electrologist and a complement to your professional gender counseling services.

Frau Gminski's superior physical hair removal talents are only out done by her talent as a compassionate human being. What makes her so special is her ability to understand and sympathize with my feelings as a person in transition finding my true self. In hindsight, I feel almost ridiculous that I felt so much anxiety on the first day we met as I was describing to her my goal and need for her Elipa © services. She knew from the first moment that I was dealing with arguably one of the most difficult social issues a human could experience in “normal” society.

As I reflect, I am still amazed at how skilfully she made me feel relaxed, confident and comfortable with myself and her knowledge of my secret self. Her experience working with trans-gendered clients shows in her words and actions. Her human skills mitigated the most difficult part of the process, dealing with the facade of the trans-gendered girl. And certainly we t-girls know how difficult “he” can be most of the time, controlling, self centered and stubborn childish jerk. I digress.

Iris is a bright, clear sparkling diamond in a world of people who prey on the desperation of men and women trying to overcome the social challenges and demons in their minds. I am truly blessed to have discovered Iris and Dr B. For the first time in my life I feel truly alive and overjoyed that I will not waste my life living a lie or worse abbreviating or complicating my life by making poor desperate decisions, characteristic of so many un-coached t-girls.

For those that have experienced epiliation, you know it is a painful process. And certainly, your desire to be “right”, Motrin © and EMLA © will help you focus away some of the pain. But, with Iris, focus is even easier. Her office environment can instantly calm the worst of personal angst. Every visit I leave with an amazing feeling of natural euphoria. Dr B would tell me it's because I am doing something tangible toward my goal. But, I can also say the blissful feelings are from Iris's office environment, personal compassion and understanding. In Iris's office, I am not hiding, I am not in fear and I can relax and be me.

“Elipa Elektrologie” is truly an amazing experience. Frau Gminski will lift from your mind from the beard burden and carry it for you! Trust her and give her back patience, you she will get you to your goal, even if your figuring out as you are moving along your path.


Jennifer C.